US cancer boss in mobiles warning


With all the noise and contradictory studies on whether cell phones are harmful to our health, whenever a new (alarming) study gets written up in the news, cell phone bloggers go ho-hum yet another cell phone study, but lately, we’ve been having to pay closer attention. Following the World Health Organization and the European Commission cautioning that “conclusions about possible cancer risks cannot be drawn.”

Now the director of a leading US cancer research institute has sent a memo to thousands of staff warning of possible higher risks from mobile phone use and the BBC writes it up in an article titled “US cancer boss in mobiles warning”, which gets our full attention.

“Ronald Herberman, of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, said users should not wait for definitive studies on the risk and should take action now.

He said children should use mobiles in emergencies only and adults should try to keep the phone away from the head. Something we’ve heard before – actually over and over again.

But once again, it’s pointed out that “no major academic study has confirmed a link to higher brain-tumour risks. So again, the evidence for harmful effects is “confusing and inconclusive”. Caution is obviously the operating word here from now on.

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