Children treated for cell phone addiciton


Two Spanish children are being treated for addiction to mobile phones, in what is thought to be first case of its kind in the country, reports The Guardian.

“The children, 12 and 13, were admitted to a mental health clinic by their parents because they could not carry out normal activities without their phones.

The children were failing at school and, behind their parents’ backs, were deceiving relatives to try to get money to pay for the phone cards. Both spent an average of six hours a day on the phone, talking, texting or playing video games.
A child psychiatrist, said they might need at least a year of treatment to get them off the “drug”.

Fears of mobile phone “dependency” have emerged in several countries. Japan has warned parents to limit phone usage because of side effects in children who overuse them. At least two cases have been reported in Britain of young people obsessed by their phones who became depressed when incoming calls or messages dropped off.

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