Vineyards and olive groves improvements | IDEAA EN


Vineyards and olive groves improvements

Soil regeneration

  • Plantation design for faster production
  • Improvement of soil structure
  • De-compactation and increase in water permeability
  • Increase in microbial and worm life
  • Increase in humus
  • Depth increase of fertile soils
  • Rapid increase in productivity

Soil to be improved!


 Vegetation improvement

  • Reduction of ecological tension
  • Maximization of mycorrhizal relationships and beneficial symbiosis
  • Increase of subterranean and horizontal available moisture level

Increase in biodiversity

  • Improvement in the general health of the plants
  • Increase in symbiotic exchange
  • Increase in resilience in stressful situations such as plague, drought or fire


Appropriate vegetal coverage for the ground (live or mulch)

  • Fresh and moist soils during the summer
  • Protection against winter freeze
  • Production of horizontal precipitation
  • Improvement of soil characteristics (PH balance)
  • Counteraction of wind impact
  • Counteraction of rain impact
  • Reduction of erosion
  • Structural improvement
  • Improvement of the soil’s nutrient content (pumping of minerals form the subsoil)
  • Improvement of biological activity
  • Preservation of beneficial fauna
  • Beauty


Increase and improvement of soil´s coverage through cattle management

  • Management of vegetal coverage and long-term improvement of the soil


Pond design for healthy ecosystems

  • Gravity fed irrigation systems
  • Increase in subterranean humidity
  • Increase in horizontal humidity
  • Increase in vegetal and animal diversity, including potential plague prevention by the promotion of beneficial fauna



  • Prospecting of potential marketers and clients of high quality and organic olives and oils
  • Managing of registration process as an organic farm, if applicable
  • Notification of grants in force