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Improvement of soil´s productivity and ecology

Soil regeneration

  • Improvement in soil structure
  • Soil de-compactation and increase in water permeability
  • Increase in microbial and worm life
  • Increase in hummus formation
  • Increase in depth of fertile ground
  • Exponential increase in productivity


Improvement of woodlands

  • Reduction of death causing factors
  • Reduction in ecological tension of trees
  • Maximization of fruit germination and tree rejuvenation
  • Pruning management
  • Maximization of mycorrhizal associations and beneficial symbiosis
  • Increase of subterranean and horizontal moisture levels
  • New high-growth plantations

Good arboreal coverage translates into

  • Improved shade during the summer months (delayed withering)
  • Protection against winter freeze
  • Minimization of wind effects
  • Minimization of rain impact
  • Production of horizontal precipitations
  • Balancing of soil characteristics (PH)
  • Reduction of the erosion process
  • Strengthening of solil´s structure
  • Improvement of its nutrient contents (pumping minerals form the subsoil)
  • Increase of biological activity
  • Livestock protection
  • Preservation of fauna
  • Fruits, foliage and wood
  • Beauty



Using cattle to increase productivity

Using livestock as a way to quickly improve soil conditions.

At left is the result of management with Holistic Management, right the conventional management.

Increase in biodiversity

  • Increase in symbiotic exchange
  • Improvement of ecosystem health
  • Increase in resilience (adaptation and resistance) to ¨stress¨ situations such as plague, draughts or fire

Pond design aimed at a healthy ecosystem

  • Increase in subterranean moisture
  • Increase in horizontal moisture
  • Gravity fed irrigation
  • Increase in animal and vegetal diversity, including potential plague prevention by promotion of beneficial fauna
  • Beauty


  • Prospecting potential marketers and clients for high quality organic products
  • Managing registration process as an organic farm upon pertaining entities
  • Notification of grants in force