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3 Dicembre 2006 · Nuovi rischi / Nuevos riesgos

As one of Japan’s top automobile insurers, Aioi seeks to reduce the adverse environmental impact of automobiles and to optimize potential resources by promoting recycling of automobile parts and components.

In anticipation of the implementation of the Automobile Recycling Law in 2004, we have already begun sales of a Special Contract for Recycling Parts, a rider for auto insurance policies that provides discounted premiums for car owners who accept repairs using recycled auto parts. We already have a tie-up with Japan’s biggest supplier of recycled automobile parts to ensure a stable supply of parts, and we are leading the insurance industry in developing and operating our own part retrieval and supply systems.

In February 2002 we invested capital in a company that promotes shared car ownership, and we are helping develop theft-proof automobile safety devices as part of our efforts to improve urban traffic and the overall outlook for safety and comfort for car owners.

The mission of Aioi Insurance is to become an integrated service company capable of shouldering risk and providing security, to contribute to social stability, economic prosperity and enriched lifestyles, through activities guided by the principles of “co-awareness, co-creativity and co-existence.” We will consistently listen to the wishes of customers, respond quickly to change, and accept the endless challenge of creating new values.

Through sound and prudent management, we will work to enhance the Company’s corporate value, and to earn the respect and trust of society at large. We are determined to achieve these goals by mobilizing the individuality and ability of each employee in our progressive, creative and dynamic business activities under the slogan “Outward, Ahead and Quick”.

Aioi Insurance will be a highly customer-friendly company with a network capable of responding quickly and appropriately to their needs. We will monitor those needs and gather information by working in partnership with communities and communicating closely with customers.

We will establish Aioi Insurance as the top brand in automobile insurance to gain the overwhelming support of vehicle users, by providing innovative products and advanced services through highly convenient distribution channels.

Aioi Insurance will help to bring prosperity to an aging society by actively developing products and services geared toward an era characterized by a falling birth rate and a growing need for health services, medical care and asset management.

Aioi Insurance will earn the respect of customers, shareholders, agencies and society at large by using superior efficiency and earning power and sustained growth potential to enhance price competitiveness and added values.

Aioi Insurance is a progressive company with a corporate culture that places a high value on the ability to anticipate change, think about issues, and act positively.

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